Kylie MacDonald


Position: Media Planner


Account: NVC 

What are you most proud of? The work I’ve produced for my USAID Communications internship at the education office in the Democratic Republic of the the Congo. I get to write and publish informative materials in both French and English, something I’ve been waiting to do since the beginning of high school.

If you were a sauce what would you be? First off, I love all sauces so I know there’s a difference between dipping and cooking sauces. Hands down favorite dipping sauce is the chipotle Bitchin’ Sauce, packed with flavor in a creamy texture it’s perfect for dipping nugs AND chips. Then my favorite cooking sauce is Trader Joe’s creamy tomato basil pasta sauce, that one should be self explanatory.

If your name was a color, what would it be? I prefer going by Ky usually, and Ky is definitely a version of red.