Michael Hampton

Portfolio: www.therealmichaelhampton.com

Position: Copywriter

Year: Graduate Student (MABR)

Accounts: Protection Connection & NVC

What are you most proud of accomplishing? Being a part of the Science and Memory project. Of all things I aim to support in this world and life, it's action towards climate change. Being from the islands of Hawai'i, the issue is very real and immediate for my people and Science and Memory allowed me to start working towards addressing such.

Cheetos or Takis? Explain: Cheetos. As much as I do love Takis, I grew up tanking bags of Cheetos in one sitting. I still do.

Dinner & a movie with one other person, dead or alive. Who would it be? Malcolm X

What’s one fun fact that makes you happy? The term "gigil" (GHEE-gheel) is a filipino term used to describe the feeling one gets when they see something so cute they want to squeeze it